Ed has extensive experience both as an acting and performance coach and as a teacher of presentation and communication skills. He has previously taught for NIDA, Bell Shakespeare, The Actors Centre and The Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), amongst other places. He is currently a regular acting teacher at the performing arts school, ED5 International, and has worked as on-set acting coach for Garth Davis, director of the Academy Award nominated film, Lion, and most recently, on the upcoming ABC TV series The Unlisted. 

Ed offers private coaching sessions on either a one-off or ongoing basis. As a performance coach, his focus is either on preparing a performer for a particular audition or to perform specific material, or on improving the performer’s craft more generally through ongoing and specifically tailored performance coaching.

Ed has worked extensively with emerging Australian actors on auditions for US television pilots. His work with McGregor Casting gives him special insight into the unique demands of this process.

As a performance coach, Ed sees his role as facilitating the performer’s understanding of the material as well as helping them to authentically connect with it – elements essential to bring life to a performance and to command the attention of an audience.

Ed is also experienced in working with people to improve their presentation and communication skills. His training is designed to encourage a more relaxed and authentic presentation style, and to empower the speaker to communicate with confidence and clarity in any situation, be it social, professional or when dealing with the media.